August 5, 2011

going on holiday

Venue is everything. I have finished the set of drawings for the two-person show at Effusion Art Gallery and I'm pretty confident about their futures. Properly framed and lit in a gallery setting they look pretty great (if I do say so myself), especially as the subtle metallic glow and detail can only be seen by the naked eye. I have half-assedly tried selling these online at reduced prices and have pretty much given up as it's impossible to see them as they really are on a computer monitor. There's nothing like bricks-and-mortar.

In spite of her location in faraway Oz, though, Di has seen them and because she's a loonie, recently picked up this one. After having it framed this is what she had to say:

Well, you're right about those drawings being tricky to photograph. Especially with all my windows and sunlight! ... Tried to take a picture for you, but it's crap! Perhaps tomorrow morning before the sun hits it. Anyway, the loon is now on the same wall as the Celtic drawings, but on the other side of the front windows so, while similarly framed, they don't "clash." I think it looks stunning and when the light is right the silver really stands out. And I've repeated the narrow silver bead on the black mat. Classy.

Yeah, I don't normally do a lot of self-promotion posts here (hate those kinds of blogs) but I got nuthin' else right now, so there it is. And since I'm doing it, check out my revamped website.


dinahmow said...

Happy to be a loonie, m'dear. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree - I saw your work at Effusion last year and it was absolutely stunning. As beautiful as it is online, it's so much more in life.

Indigene said...

So beautiful! What size and media is is? They look so wonderful on-line, so I can only imagine how stunning it is in person! If you're not going to self-promote, you still should give the title, size, medium and price, and self promotion is a great thing, if you're this amazingly talented, which you are!!!!

andrea said...

Thanks, peeps, and Veronica: thank you for the firsthand feedback. It makes me realize that I'm not losing my mind! :) Indigene: I am so bad at the self-promo that I would hire someone to do it for me if I could. Usually I post the size/medium but forgot this time. They are about 11" x 11" image but framed using the frames I use are 20.5" x 20.5" x 2". They are mostly coloured pencil with some technical pen on black Rising Stonehenge rag paper.

asperezas said...

Very "Andrea", and very beautiful :)