August 3, 2011

images of summer

pride bubbles

storm 8

I like men in a gay way

swallow fence 1

boarding for pride

poppies 2

carmen miranda with a tattoo


Ponita in Real Life said...

Colourful images! Great photos, Andrea. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images, they just draw a person in!

andrea said...

Thank you both.

kj said...

hello andrea, this no doubt confirms a good summer. my favorites are the bubbles and the poles. i will now leave your blog full and satisfied.

ps ♥

andrea said...

I was thinking of you today, KJ! The Pride Parade photos turned out particularly well. More here:

kj said...

ahahaha andrea! what's better than people playing with and enjoying who they are?!

my friend's photos and blog:

browse when you get there. i think you will adore lori's blog. please tell her i am glad to be your friend! :^)


Lori ann said...

aw kj, :)

i'm glad to be here, such beautiful photos and art!

Indigene said...

Wow! Those pride parade pixs are stunning, plus the bubbles pix! Everyone needs a few bubbles in their life! With color and energy like this, who wouldn't want summer all the time?!

Hayden said...

wonderful, wonderful photos! Made me smile!

asperezas said...

the song says "... true colours are beautiful like a rainbow" :)

sarala said...

Totally fabulous images.