May 5, 2011


Here are a few photos to keep you (okay, me) entertained while I work. I took them at OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) on Sunday. Weirdly enough, I also just started reading this book, by a former OWL volunteer. It's been sitting in my 'must read' pile for ages.

snoopy 2

Meet Snoopy, an eeny-weeny Northern Saw-whet Owl. She's brain damaged so is unfazed by just about anything, making her an ideal candidate for classroom visits and bomb-squad exercises.

sarah 3

Sarah is a Barn Owl, also a cool customer used for educational purposes. Move over, Kate Middleton. Who needs a tiara when the top of your head is this fancy?

roadside hawk 3

I can't remember this guy's name, but I do know he's a Roadside Hawk, originally from Mexico. I see a lot of Red-tailed Hawks hunting near my home so I love seeing something a little more exotic. Doesn't he have amazing eyes?

sally 1

This is the bird I fell in love with, a Saker Falcon, native of Africa. If you click on her photo it will take you to my Flickr site where there are more photos of her. She was owned by a falconer who willed her to the raptor rehabilitation centre.

Finally, we got to see a juvenile Bald Eagle being released after rehabilitation. OWL is just south of Vancouver here in Delta where we have the highest concentration of raptors of anywhere in Canada.

release 3


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lovely! Is that Bev doing the release?
Going to flickr once I've closed some rain-wide windows...

studio lolo said...

fantastic photos!! I love that places like OWL exist.

Angela Recada said...

Your photos of these glorious creatures are fabulous, Andrea! You have a real gift for photography. Like Lolo, I'm so glad there are places like OWL. And how fortunate are you to live so close by?!

ValGalArt said...

incredible! thank you for this :)

andrea said...

Thank you, ladies. My pleasure. Of course. :)

Hayden said...

My goodness, Andrea! Bird portraits? These aren't 'just photos.' Each is such a lovely insight to the bird posing - absolutely wonderful.

Christina Rosalie said...

These photos are STUNNING Andrea. I am always so inspired by your artwork--haven't stopped by in a long time, but am happy, so happy to return.

andrea said...

Hayden and Christina: Thank you! And Christina: it's weird. I had some time on my hands last night and was cruising sites of old bloggers and yours was one!