May 10, 2011

gothic pastoral

old soul
a long winter's nap

Old Soul
and A Long Winter's Nap
mixed drawing media on archival paper framed to 20.5" x 20.5"


Ponita in Real Life said...

Ooooo, the sky is the second one is reminiscent of Van Gogh... all swirly-like. :-)

Ellen said...

Just sent you an email. Just glanced at them before, glad I'm looking at them more now, really love them, you 'OWN' twisted trees, (you mother of gothic pastoral you:).

Anonymous said...

Pony and Ellen already said it.
Going now to gaze at my Celtics. :-)

Angela Wales Rockett said...


andrea said...

Ponita: I guess I'll just have to accept it -- those kinds of skies will always belong to van Gogh.

Ellen: Hey thanks and bare trees are my homies these days. Can't seem to create art without them.

Di: That sounds vaguely rude. :)

Angela: Thankee kindly.

kj said...

stripped bare: that's what you know how to do, andrea, and in the doing you show the roots and branches and....essence.

hello ♥

Hayden said...

fascinating seeing how you fill a 'peaceful scene' with tension and waiting and come up with something deeper, darker, more wonderful.

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