January 29, 2011

main street

I love Main Street. And a cold, miserably wet Saturday in January is still a good day there, especially with Arts off Main, Pulpfiction and Rath Art Supplies on the agenda.

main 7

And look! There's Jesse from Breaking Bad going into a comic shop.

main 5

How can I resist this guy? (Two tubes of Kama oil paint was the result of such subtle marketing.)

main 2

The rain wouldn't quit.

main 8

But being a true Vancouverite I don't use an umbrella. A wig maybe?

main street wigs

And a little fantasy to accompany the groceries:

main 6


paula said...

i ACTUALLY saw your tweet and came soon as i could. LOVE these photos...

andrea said...

I have both this blog and the Crow Crag blog on automatic Twitter feed. I never actually visit Twitter myself. Bad me. Did you notice Jesse?

Hayden said...

absolutely gorgeous colors, andrea. You're making me seriously consider splurging on that camera. Haven't committed to anything yet.

Hayden said...

Did you see this great article on crows?

andrea said...

That's awesome, H! Thank you! Love this phrase comparing the child-rearing philosophies of both humans and crows: "...realize that at any moment a goshawk might swoop down and put an end to the entire pedagogical program". I have seen videos of the New Caledonian Crow but I'm always hungry for any new info on this astounding species. Check out this great old segment from some old TV show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JiJzqXxgxo&feature=player_embedded

asperezas said...

Delicious :-)
I can't see the Vancouver's apples. The photo is blurry!