July 8, 2010

dreams of glory

Dreams of Glory
8" x 10" oil on wood panel

Here's the final panel in the series of four crow paintings. The first two are here and here, and the third one here. At first I didn't like this one as much as the others because of the lack of movement in the crow, but the point was to contrast the crow's self- perceived static reality with its technicolour dreams, so I think it works.

PS And speaking of glory ... I know this is trying hard to be an art-only blog but really want to mention my kids' great grandmother's 100th birthday today. I wrote about her here in my anything-goes blog days. Happy Birthday Grandma!


Leslie Hawes said...

I like "Flight Path".
And I like the way the glyph is moving from one tone area to the next in this one. Creates nice sense of depth.
Love your work, Andrea!

paula said...

this has pow and punch...great colors andrea

andrea said...

Leslie: Thank you and general concensus tells me that Flight Path is most peoples' favourite of the group.

Paula: I struggled with the colours in this one so appreciate the feedback,!

emprint said...

I admire you for trying to stick to "art only" on your blog but our life and habitat cannot help but effect our art and our outlook on art. So, please, include happenings in your blog. I think it helps us understand what we're all about.
Nice contrast in these crows. I think it works!

andrea said...

Emmie: Yeah -- looks like I blew it already! :)

Melody said...

Andrea, looks to me like you really nailed this one.... gorgeous

andrea said...

Thx, Mel.