July 10, 2010

amazing animal art

Check out the plastic-scrap sculpture by Sayaka Kajita Ganz here.

And I love the clean simplicity of Andrew Zuckerman's photography.


paula said...

it gets a wow. dont care for it but i still think its a wow if that makes sense.

moreidlethoughts said...

I looked, briefly...then had to scoot off to a festival whoopee...came back and looked again.
For someone who has trouble drawing a recognisable horse these are definitely wow-worthy!
The photos? Don't get me started!

(Next time I'm over in your neighbourhood, I'm going to ask the esquimau how many words they have for "good.")

andrea said...

Paula: I wasn't sure you'd like the aesthetic qualities but thought you'd be intrigued by the materials.

Di: Those photos -- I *really* want to use them as reference material for my work but it just wouldn't be the same as using my own. (sigh)

Frank Zweegers said...

It is amazing art! Breathtaking I must say ... I just cannot stop looking at it. What a awesome sculpture !