February 15, 2013

the update from here

Last weekend was fun-fun-fun, from start to finish. Greg and I went up to Whistler on Saturday morning, arriving at around noon, and the afternoon was spent in creative mayhem. The workshop went well, though I think I tried to cram too much into just three hours. As you can see, it was an all-ages fun fest in the gallery loft.

I learned a lot about pacing and the variation in what the individual artists achieve. I love that they made it their own.

There's a reason it's called White Dog Studio Gallery. Yes, it's a working gallery and yes, there's a white dog! (That's my brown blur behind Luna, and Penny, busily being a gallerist, behind her!)

A dog-friendly studio gallery in the beautiful Whistler mountain environment with an outdoor playground everywhere you look? My fantasy place. With that in mind, Sunday dawned pretty much perfect, so we took both dogs and headed into the hills to go snowshoeing. We didn't see another soul all morning.

I kind of hated coming home after that!


Indigene Theresa Gaskin said...

It looks like a great time was had by all and I love the scenery! You take such amazing shots of nature and its landscapes. I love that white dog, what kind of dog is it? :)

emprint said...


Diane said...

okay so now I know you didn't get a new dog!! I should have taken time to visit here ... isn't that lovely that they allowed you to bring your dog too.