December 15, 2012

feliz navidad

Here it is, halfway through December already, and I haven't posted anything for over a month. This blog has slowly devolved into a news page of my real world art activities ... which is fine. It means I don't have to abandon blogging altogether. Lately I've had to visit my old blog to find an image or some info and it's been interesting to look back. Back in those halcyon early days of blogging, before Facebook kicked us all in the shins, I had a lot of fun and created a lot of online content (as it turns out). After five years I decided to change things up a bit and moved over here in the summer of 2010. It was then that the slow decline started, and the 'new' blog has really only ever been a bunch of images of my work, both artwork and photography. I'm glad the old blog with actual written content is still there, though, even if it is just collecting dust on the cyber shelf.

I have some photos from the past few months that I'd like to post, but if that doesn't happen before 2013, consider these Christmas ornaments my holiday greeting. I painted them for family presents and they took forever to complete, so it's the first -- and last! -- time I'm doing that.

And this image is of four of my paintings (two medium-sized and two large) that are featured in the Federation of Canadian Artists' new online commercial gallery. Check out some of the other great work available there.

Joyeux Noel everyone ... and all the best in 2013!


dinahmow said...

All very Andrea Pratt.
I know what you mean about blogging!I could say more, but I have these artist books to make...

Indigene Theresa said...

Those ornaments are so gorgeous! I'm sure you've been filling your creative well for 2013! :)

Diane said...

Your ornaments are utterly exquisite! Your family is insanely fortunate to receive these beautiful works of art and gifts from your heart.

I too have a similar story regarding blogging except, as you realize, in recent months I have made a real effort to begin blogging again. I tried Facebook but found there were many aspects I did not like about it and eventually kicked it out the door. I much prefer blogging, even if friends don't visit. I also have found it's much more satisfying to visit blogs than to read the blather or the repeats over at FB. I don't have time to visit all the blogs I would like, only because I limit my online time, but when I do it is always a trip worth making. Merry Christmas to you and yours Andrea.

corine said...

You're too busy to blog because you got it goin' on :) I love those ornaments. Love them!

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are truly gorgeous. Too bad they were such a pain to make. And I love, love, love the paintings. They make me feel so happy.

kj said...

swish....! i'm finally here. i have a good excuse: been sick since the day after christmas and i'm not taking it gracefully :^)

your ornaments are unbelievable, andrea. who else but you would be able to create these? (answer: no one)

funny that you mention changing your blog: must have been during my absence :^) all i know is i am glad you are here and i am glad we are friends.

i owe you a letter, but i will tell you now that your response to my book, your note, your gift, meant the world to me. gulp and ♥


andrea said...

Wow ~ I can't believe I never responded to these lovely comments even though I enjoyed each one. It took kj's belated visit for it to happen. A little late maybe but thank you all and I'm glad to hear the note/prezzie arrived safe and sound, kj!