June 10, 2012

missing in action

Yes, I've been MIA. I've written several posts in my head but none of them has actually made it into cyber space. They're still there, though, so while I get my s*** together, here are a few photos from the past month or so. The first shows a pair of eagles in a tree on a misty spring day in Abbotsford:

On the May long weekend I flew up to the Okanagan to visit my cousin and bask in her Paint horse and tipi-filled slice of paradise ... and clean a lot of stalls. But I forgot my camera! It was like forgetting my right arm. I happened to tuck Greg's little Canon point-and-shoot in my bag, though, so got a few photos. Across the Coldstream Valley, looking north:

And Kari assisting in the ultrasounding of a mare with foal at heel:

Back home, the following weekend was the big graduation dinner/dance/red carpet event for number two son. I know ~ I'm far too young to have two high school graduates for kids. :) This was one of my favourite photos of him and his friend Alicia on the red carpet:

Then there was an Arabian horse show:

And a visit to Cathy's. This is one of her inquisitive llamas:

 And her Quarter Horse gelding, Zipper:

Then last weekend it was up the Sea to Sky corridor again to drop some paintings at Whistler.  This was taken at Britannia Beach:

And this one was taken from inside Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler. This hotel houses the train station for the Rocky Mountaineer and -- soon hopefully -- an art gallery!

Stay tuned for art again ... soon.


Travveller said...

Beautiful pictures. And that llama is just begging to be painted!

Anonymous said...

I have family in the Okanagan. They run the Eden Valley Guest Ranch and boy is it beautiful up there! Whistler doesn't look too bad either! :)

dinahmow said...

Swoonworthy - all of them.(And a kick to my memories-thanks!)

andrea said...

Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I can't believe that anyone's still reading when I haven't posted in awhile! Yes, am lucky to live where I do and have access to such great places.

Indigene said...

You're photos are amazing and it looks like you've been busy living fully to blog! LoL! Just think, you will have so much life fodder, to blog about, instead of fluff! :) :) I look forward to your posts, whenever you feel like posting! :)

Thea Belecz said...

I, too, enjoy your posts whenever they turn up and actually appreciate that they appear roughly monthly - that's about how often I post. Just can't seem to get around to it more often than that! It is time consuming and I'd rather be in my studio or outside. I love your photos and stories. My best to you!

Rose L said...

Love the photographs! Especially the llama and Zipper!!!!

Ian Lidster said...

Loved the trip, so thank you for the photos. And you are much too young to have kids graduating from HS.

SamArtDog said...

Like your other fans, I'm more than happy to see your beautiful pics whenever you get around to it. I consider myself blessed to have you on my blogroll. I'm not too good about posting as often as I should either, so finding something from you is like finding treasure on my blog. Let's make a deal, eh? No guilt, just surprise gifts from good friends.

P.S. Wow, looks like stuff (r-r-rain) actually falls out of the sky up there. And it's cold enough to wear clothes? Awesome. Sorry to be such a tourista, but all we have is fire and 100+ degrees. Yes, I am jealous.

andrea said...

Sam: I have been terrible at keeping up with blogs as well as writing them, but yours is a favourite, too! And just as I was reading this the news that Colorado Springs is in extreme fire danger came on the news. It's been a crappy cold, wet spring with the highest water levels on the rivers in 40 years. Bah humbug global warming!