April 6, 2012

come on spring!

What's the best cure for house arrest? A day trip with my dog, camera and sweetheart of course! (Please don't point out the order of that list!) The first Sunday of April Greg traditionally runs the April Fool's Half Marathon on the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Davis Bay. The weather is always hit and miss and this year was no exception. It may have rained overnight in the city but the snow line, on boarding the ferry in Horseshoe Bay, was ominously low.

Once on the other side, with Greg launched at the bone-chilling start of the race, Coco and I did a little exploring. Even after a long winter when everything looks tired and grey, there's still a certain charm about the villages of Gibson's Landing, Sechelt and Roberts Creek, even if there was slush on the verges in Roberts Creek.

But yes -- light on the horizon! Check out what the day turned into. Without the previous night's cold dump of wet stuff, would the day have looked this spectacular?

davis bay 1
cold coco toes

"But Mom! The water's still cold!"

"Oh crap -- isn't that the ferry we're supposed to get on?!"

above langdale 3
langdale terminal 1

The complete set is here. (And my obviously better half did an amazing time of 1:51 in the race.)


kj said...

andrea, this is spectacular. i've been thinking about you in nyc taking these kinds of photos. not to mention who knows, maybe we could meet for dinner! i remember what you said: a year from june :^)

how impressive to run a half marathon. my sil ran the boston marathon last year and i'll never forget seeing the excitement on 4 year old mr ryan's face

isn't it nice that we are in touch again? :^)


andrea said...

Meeting you in NYC would be icing on the cake, KJ! And maybe I should talk Greg into training to qualify for Boston the following year...