June 13, 2011

recipe for a painting

Start with an idea, generated by the bald eagle pair who live nearby and reinforced by an excellent reference photo (of a different eagle):

fly like an eagle 2

Add a generous portion of Symbolic Inspiration:

bird text
from A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot 1958

While stirring the iconographic pot, refer to previously developed recipes using symbolism and personal motifs and decide which ingredients might complement the inspiration best. Try and remember that you're using oil paint now, not acrylic, and adjust cooking times.

Prepare the workspace and choose a more organic, less-structured approach to the alchemy. Try not to tear out hair and insult the sous-chef when it doesn't go well and you decide to rub off a portion. You chose this approach after all.

soul start

Proceed for a couple of days, labouriously adding the spice of the patterned background after the main ingredients have been adjusted to taste.

Once assembled, taste at intervals. When you finally realize that the combination of ingredients is too incompatible to sit lightly on the tongue, take a rag and rub off large sections. Keep annoying individuals out of reach of fists.

When the smeared paint produces some "wow ~ that's kind of cool" moments: STOP!

Add the final ingredient (large blue area) and finishing touches. Compliment the sous-chef on her patience and protective gear. Breathe out.

into the void
Into the Void
18" x 24" oil on canvas


firewoman2525 said...

You're too hard on yourself, but still, wow...

dinahmow said...

Did you cook enough for seconds?

Good analogy, by the way.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Very cool to see the process!

jo rosenblum said...

That is such an interesting post I love the analogy and the progression...
and such a beautiful finished piece,
well done you, its fantastic

andrea said...

Roni: You're right. And I'm too hard on Luongo, too. Mistakes are part of both the art and hockey process. (We love you Bobby Lu!)

Di: God, I hope so, or else I'm f***ed. :)

Ponita: Fun to do, too!

Jo: Thanks, Jo. I had my doubts for quite awhile, but I think I made the right decision to rub it off and repaint, though after spending so much time on it it was a hard decision!

Barbara said...

It's another beauty, Andrea!

Wendy Ellertson said...

Great recipe and awesome work! Thanks for the sharing!

andrea said...

Thanks Barbara and Wendy!

INDIGENE said...

Your colors and symbolism comes across as bold, vivid with a strong and well traveled road into the world of symbolism and the subconscious! I love your work!

Costescu said...

I had not seen any posts from you for sometime on facebook so I thought I would mosey on over here directly. what the!?!? How do I always miss your posts on facebook (sadly not because I do not waste too much time on facebook)

Anyhoo, love this piece (both versions actually :)) & the narrative, too funny. You are so brave to wipe it all out! I like both versions but the latter is really striking and bold!