May 31, 2011

shifting gears

The barter system is alive and well and these mini drawings exist to prove it. I'm ready to ditch the coloured pencils now and pick up my brush again. Maybe I'll listen to this thought-provoking commencement address by Jonathan Franzen again while I get started.

Raven and Raven
and Drama Queen
mixed drawing media on archival black paper


Ellen said...

Franzen nails that wonderful universal truth, motivation based on anger and hatred is a short, dead end road, passion and love inevitably and often unintentionally move those mountains. Wonderful. Nice drawings too!

Anonymous said...

I finally got to read that essay (the recording doesn't play here)and yes, he nails it.

Anonymous said...

I have bartered for many things with my work - plumbing and orthodontics being two of the major ones. I'm curious, what did you get?

And, by the way, I regularly visit your blog to be inspired by your work even though our work is so different. Never doubt your path.

andrea said...

Ellen: Your comment about the staying power of love vs. hate is surprisingly helpful right now as I negotiate creative concerns!

Di: Indeed.

Veronica: I like to switch back and forth. It keeps me fresh somehow. And for these little drawings (4" x 4") I got a pochade box and some beautiful handmade raven jewellery. Neither necessary but both needed. :)

jennifer black said...

Hello! I just found you via Paula Art, and I wanted to say thank you for posting Franzen's speech. I just listened to/read it, and I've found it so thought-provoking.

I'm also truly taken with your art and plan to go through your blog more.

Thanks for posting!


andrea said...

Hi Jennifer -- and welcome! I have listened to his speech several times now. And thank you for your kind words!