February 21, 2011

making lemonade

antique market warehouse sales

I had a meltdown yesterday. Enough said about that.

I decided that, being a Sunday, the cure was to take my camera and head into the city for some quiet time, prowling the side streets and train tracks in the industrial area around Clark and Venables. I was rewarded with some amazing light, and a surprise around every corner.

I even scored some good luck when this seagull didn't shit on my head.

seagull above

It was cold, though, and after three hours on the hoof I called my friend Jillian and we met for lunch at a cheap, noisy, fabulous sushi place on Commercial Drive.

calico cat

The best part was some personal insight into the nature of beauty and its complicated relationship with art.

post box

I'll be back later to talk about it if I ever sort it all out in my brain cell.

ok fine


Ponita in Real Life said...

Love the comment under that sign in the last photo! Glad you were able to get out and let some of the stresses flow out as images flowed in. Lovely photos. I need to have a meltdown too, but can't afford to in any way right now. Perhaps in a few months when I have my situation more stable.

ValGalArt said...

hilarious and wonderful :) it is as if the cat and bird were expecting you :)

INDIGENE said...

Bravo! That you have the where-with-all to get yourself out! Hmmm...my meltdowns consists of going into the woods or atop a mountain to scream until I'm hoarse, hitting a boxing bag, or crying until I'm choking off snotties! Lol! I see that you're more civilized than I am. Ain't art grand?! I will be chanting and praying for you, as I send you warm smells of lavender and wishing you copious glasses of wine.

Sheila Tansey said...

I will now always think differently about seagulls now that I've seen that view!! Too funny! And I love the kitty picture! What a look!

andrea said...

Ponita: I felt a little thrill when I saw that comment against the yellow. Find! (And I totally understand about waiting for the time to be right to have a meltdown, lol.)

Val: Of COURSE they were. :)

Indigene: This is just the lemonade part of the meltdown. I studiously omitted the whole lemon aspect of it, snotties and all!

Sheila: I was actually talking to the seagull, asking it to please hold off until I had a couple of good photos.

Hayden said...

love these, and love your response to a melt-down. Some folks just get more productive (you) and others get wasted (me). overall, from these photos I'd say the Lemonade Road wins.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Didrooglie, I represent Ms. Calico (and have a request to act for Mr. Seagull on a seasonal basis) and I must remind you that any and all publication of my clients' images requires formal negotiation and a contract signed by all parties.
Given that you may have acted in good faith, we will allow a 30 days period of grace.
Please contact me during this time to discuss terms.
Yours...et cetera...

andrea said...

Hayden: Oh, how I wish my meltdowns were as productive as this one was! I do plan to have more productive meltdowns in the future, though. :)

Di: You can contact my solicitor.

asperezas said...

Great walk! Loved the details you caught :)
Oh and I bet the seagull is an old friend of yours 'cause it didn't flew away with your presence nor even did what you're expecting!