October 3, 2010


I just realized that I forgot to post the result of this. Like my plein air painting experience last week, this was also a learning curve. I was so smug, thinking I had this 'fledgling' (geddit?) series figured out -- and for the most part I had -- but I had to rethink a lot of what was really a fuzzy concept while I struggled with the execution (and believe me, 'execution' was often on my mind!). There was a lot of three steps forward, two steps back happening (and the resulting rubbing off of what I'd just painted) but I finally felt ready to finish it and move on. The next painting will be closer to the vision of what I'm trying to achieve; I will explain properly when I actually get there!

Precious Few
16"x16" oil on canvas


Costescu said...

Love it, as I knew I would :) Funny I was just looking on your main website as I was wondering if you had finished it.

asperezas said...

This a very lovely piece and I love the balance of tones you made :-)

moreidlethoughts said...

Something about the "wonkiness" of the lintel, guttering, the mix of stone and brick...and the crow...to me, spooky. In a good way! Poe in my head, maybe?

One more attempt and I'll give up and email this!

mrwriteon said...

I think this series is wonderful, Andrea. I am in love with your crows.

Angela Wales Rockett said...

Loving this. Love the bright spots of color in the midst of those lovely grays. How are you liking working in oils?